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Theres' more to see, later! :XD:


Shell The Riolu by Sonic201000
Shell The Riolu
Name: Shelley
Pokemon: Riolu
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Bio: Shell is one of the 7 humans who was turned into a Riolu and sent to save the Pokémon world from ending.

This is her look for Hope In Friends Redo.
Hope In Friends Redo Season 1 Page 7 by Sonic201000
Hope In Friends Redo Season 1 Page 7
Yep it's Saif. An old oc I hardly use anymore.

His backstory hasn't changed. His best friend Tygo the Pikachu saved his life and died in the progress. And Saif is regretting it to this day. He hasn't gotten over it yet and it's been 3 years.
Hope In Friends Redo Season 1 Page 6 by Sonic201000
Hope In Friends Redo Season 1 Page 6
Next page is what Zander has been doing while he was here...for one day. This is his second day in the Pokemon world, like Neon's. They all got there at the same time.

Zander isn't talking to himself. You'll see who soon.

I plan to make Zander nice in this comic. However not to Neon. When Neon is round him, he will be angry.

All Zander wants is to be free. ^^; And he will be explaining why he wanted that so badly. And how he didn't have it in the human world. 
If I get to page 10 of Hope In Friends Redo, that means it's here to stay and It won't be cancelled! Just like Hope In Pals. Only the story isn't confusing. ^^;


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Other account: :iconzander-the-artist:


Art trades~:bulletred:

Hi! I'm just here to draw, make friends and have fun! I don't like arguing or making anyone upset. So If I comment and it says bad things its not me. I like to be friends with almost everyone I talk to. ^^


My rules on DA:

Rule 1: Try to be friends with everyone I can. I'm here to make Friends. Not enemies.

Rule 2: If I think someone is trouble I will block them without replying to them. If someone says my work isn't good or it needs work. That's fine. But if the person starts calling it B*llshit or just lashing out at me just because that person does like my work I will block them.

Rule 3: I do not do contests at all no madder what it's for. Reason: People get angry at other when they really wanted to win. And I never make the deadlines.

Rule 4: No relationships. Friends are ok. I'm talking about if I wanted a girlfriend. I have to have known her in real life before DA and it has to have been a few years first.

Rule 5: I do NOT owe anyone a thing! I am here to have fun! Not to owe people things such as pictures or rps. Just because we had a good rp, doesn't mean I have to do a picture on it! And I rp for fun! If I get bored I have the right to stop.

Rule 6: I don't do art trades.

Rule 7: I don't take Money or points.

Rule 8: Have fun when drawing.

Rule 9: You under no circumstances have any right to use my characters without permission. I'm not talking about gifts or fan art. I'm talking about using my characters in your comic or literature without asking me first. If you do I will block you without question!

Rule 10: My drawing is a hobby. Not a job.

Rule: 11: I will respect everyones opinions and criticism on my drawings or other subjects that we may have or not have in common.

Rule: 12: Never take copyright for anything.

Rule 13: You cannot use my OCs without asking first. If you do I will let everyone know what you did and block you.

Rule 14: Never put up my true ID.

Rule 15: If anyone causes too much trouble on my profile I will block the person who started it.

Rule 16: No drama. By that I mean I won't step into arguments or battles that shouldn't involve me. And I won't take part if someone tries to get me on their side, or the other persons side. Everyone has a different opinion and outlook on things and I want to respect them.

Rule 17: No discrimination or being prejudice on my page. I do respect opinions. However I don't not except any-ones opinion if it means being discriminating or being prejudice agents someone else or any sort of group. We live in a world where everyone should be treated equally and fairly. It's the way of the future. If you are discriminating or being prejudice on my page I will block you without question or noting you about it.


Just because you might not be on my Best friend/bro list doesn't mean you aren't my friend. The friends I have on the list are friends I have known for a long time now. Thanks for reading.


Close Friends/Bros: :iconniznize::icondewwydarts::iconsesshaxiii::iconfirelucario::iconryusuta::iconninetail2::iconinjectedninetales::iconcoolcole53::icontruecariolu::iconkillfang96::iconthekillershaymim::iconatlasben::iconshinlucario::iconcreamtheeevee:


If I EVER say anything mean to you or block you, or do anything horrible to hurt you or others. Then IT IS NOT ME. I would NEVER Say anything bad to ANYONE.

Pokemon belongs to The Pokemon Company(C), Nintendo(C) Satoshi Tajiri (C) and Game Freak.(C)

Thank you for visiting my page! And please cheak out my friends' pages' on my friends' list!


All characters belong to their respective owners.

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Unleashed-Tails Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014  New member
You really should stop starting small comics and not finish them, it might limit your imagination butat least it won't make your viewers too angry. :(
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Cole-the-Riolu Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I forgot to watch you on this account
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Hey bro? Wanna try an RP with Nova again?
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So, I got to ask you, who doesn't have a child?
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